Screven County Middle School

Statement from Athletic Director: Chad Smallman

We are proud to offer a variety of extracurricular activities that include Cheerleading, Football, Softball, Girls and Boys Tennis, Girls and Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Girls Soccer and Girls and Boys Track. The coaching staff is committed to our student athletes and will provide amble instruction and leadership.

Our values consist of our student athletes exhibiting Character, Commitment, and Competing. These values are a reflection of our purpose to prepare all students to graduate and become positive, productive members of society. Please ensure that your child has an updated physical on file, a signed parent permission form and a signed concussion form. Return all forms to Screven Middle School front office or Coach Smallman. Thank you for your support. Go Gamecocks!

Coaching Staff:


Head Coach - Chad Smallman

Assistants - Josh Sheley


Head Boys Coach - Matt Williams 

Head Girls Coach - Greg Lordnum


Head Coach - Dana Doss 

Assistants - Anna Canetto 


Head Coach - Chad Smallman 

Assistants - Andy Tomlin, Arthur Davis and Josh Sheley


Head Coaches - Melanie Dugger and Gentri Wiggins


Head Coach - Cassie Shipes 

Assistants - Terry Kile and Chelsea Taylor 


Head Boys Coach - Kyle Reynolds

Head Girls Coach - Lovey Sheppard


Head Boys Coach- Kenneth Sanders

Head Girls Coach - Anna Canetto


Head Coaches - Andy Tomlin and Griffin Greene ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​