Parent Resources

What do students learn in school?

Public school systems in Georgia teach the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Standards for all courses and grade levels can be found at

How are students assessed?

Students in third - eighth grades and high school participate in the Georgia Milestones (GMAS).  The GMAS measures how well students have mastered the state standards. A parent guide and study guides can be found online by searching for Georgia Milestones Assessment System.  A small population of students participate in an alternative assessment called the GAA.

In addition to the state assessments, students also take locally developed assessments throughout the year.  Teachers use data from the locally developed assessments to plan instruction to meet the needs of students.

How can families monitor student progress?

All families have the opportunity to create an Infinite Campus parent account.  An Infinite Campus parent account provides immediate access to student grades, schedules, and attendance.  Parent accounts can be accessed through a mobile app and online from any device connected to the internet. A parent account also provides access to Georgia’s State Longitudinal System (SLDS) where parents can access all student records including reports from state assessments. To sign up for an account, call Jennie Kile at the Board of Education at (912) 451-2000 or click this link​​​​​​​.

How can families support students at home?

Screven County Schools provides a number of online resources that can be accessed from home and school.  Click here for a list of resources.

How are our schools performing?

To see how Screven County Schools and other schools across Georgia are performing go to

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